May 6, 2013

Purity pUrity PurIty 18

Profligates. Profligates. PROFLIGATES. They spread the disease of corruption and cowardisse! The battle will end them. END THEM. The Legion will prevail. Legion. Must be in charge. Must purify. Purity. Purity.

Yes, yes, yes. The profligate leader. He'll die. I'll kill him. Yes. Have to create a plan. Profligates everywhere. EveryWHERE. Have to dress like one of them. Spit spit spit.

Went in the lobby. Profligates. They didn't even know I am the enemy HAHAHAHA. A computer in the lobby. Yes, information. Profligates leave information anywhere. Modified flight control updates. That alone could kill the leader. Must look for something else. Must be sure. Must crush him. Crush them all. Crush one to crush all.

Crush one crush all. One all.

Profligates making remarks on how the Brotherhood stopped attacking. If they only knew who did it. Their nemesis. Their nightmare. Me me ME. Exit the building, look around. Around around. So many profligates. A crowd. All waiting for thei leader... Leader. LEADER, HAHAHAHAHA. Notice the AA gun control console. HAHAHAHA. Activate the AA gun. HAHAHAHAHA. Had to do it. Rest of the places are all guarded by profligates. Their leader is a coward, needs so much protection. Spit spit spit.

Talk to Cato. Await for the leader of the profligates to arrive.

He arrives in his vertibird. Profligates didn't even get to celebrate. AA gun DESTROYS THE VERTIBIRD. DESTROYED. PROFLIGATE LEADER IS ASHES, BURNT TO ASHES, BURNT, BURNT DOWN HAHAHAHAHA.

Have to run. Not even I can take on so many. I AM NOT A COWARD. Spit, spit SPIT.

I made the Legion proud. VICTORY VICTORY. Yes. Cottonwood Cove, need to report. Profligate leader is dead. The Wasteland is much more purified right now. Yes, much more. Corruption and dirty systems won't work, no. Not on MY PURIFIED WASTELAND. NO NO NO.

Rode the bark to The Fort myself. Threw the NCR outfit to the river on the way. Spit spit spit.

I arrived at The Fort and there was no Caesar to order me. No. No. NO. I am going to lead. This will be the great turning point to the Legion. We will purify. Yes. Yes.

Lucius told me I had to go to Legate Lanius camp. Lanius. Leader. Tough? Is he tough? Yes? I'm tougher. Yes, yes, I'm tougher. I am invincible. The Battle, it is about to start.

At the Camp, Legionaries training. Yes. Good. We must be strong. We must show all who is their leader. Who they must respect. Who they must follow.

Entered Legate's tent. First thing I see is the 6'5'' beast smashing a NCR soldier's head as a sacrifice. Crazy, he is crazy. I am crazy. We are crazy. He recognizes me. Says the slaughter begins. He is right. A plan to attack. Legate has a plan. Good, good.

My part in it is to assassinate the profligate's current leader. Another leader. Another kill to my name. Yes. I like this. Shame I have to have his post. Legate. I like him.

Now I march to Hoover Dam.




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