Feb 22, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 6

I talked to one of the owners of the Atomic Wrangler, the female one. She told that I could work as a debt collector for her. Sounded easy easy enough, I took it. The first woman was a petty liar, then there was an annoying prick who seemed that was trying to seduce me and finally an ugly, deformed ghoul, who was asking around for caps. When he asked me for some I punched him in the face. That scared him so much he pratically kissed me begging not to hurt him anymore.

I went back to the woman and after being paid she told me that her former guard had ran off to The Strip with many caps. Problem was, I couldn't get in. I had to find more jobs. I talked to the other owner and he asked me to gather him whores. If I did not need the money I would have killed him where he stood, asking me something like that. He wanted a cowboy ghoul, a smooth talker and a sexbot. What the fuck is wrong with these degenerates?!

I found a female ghoul cowboy in Freeside, strange as it would be, hired the scum that tried to seduce me as the smoove talker and went to an abandoned factory to get the sexbot, which tried to test his... "Skills"... On me, which I did refuse. Fuck.

I finished the job but was still 400 caps short to enter The Strip. I entered the Van Graffs Silver Rush, hoping they had some work available. They had work as a door guard. I didn't like nor the armor nor the weapons. But oh well.

The job went well and it got me 200 caps. She had more work, so I stuck around. I then had to deliver a package to a man she told me to meet. That got me the rest of the caps I needed. So I ignored their next job offer. I went straight to The Strip.

Victor greeted me. I had killed him... He told me Mr. House had "invited" me to go meet him. Before I went meet Benny. I didn't want to, but apparently he has an army of Securitron robots at his command.

Well, let's go meet this coward who won't even face me to give me his "invitation"... Mr. House.

Feb 19, 2013

Pursuit of Purity, Journal 5

I exited North Vegas and entered Freeside. I had the caps so there was no point in waiting to get to The Strip. But on the way I found a Katana for sale and I would like to have one, very much. I could already imagine Benny's head fall down to my brand new clean sword. For that I had to do some work that I would try to find near my position.

Entering the richest part of Freeside I had some choices. I could go look for work with The Kings, the Van Graffs or The Atomic Wrangler. I tried The Kings, since I didn't like any of them and their place was the closest. Son of a bitch guarding "The King" made me pay 50 caps just to see the guy.

I can't believe I'm saying this but... The King was actually a nice guy. Gave me back my 50 caps and heard me with no complaints. He told me to go check out a bodyguard for hire that he thaught was cheating people. Why the heck not. I wanted that blade.

I found out that the bodyguard was staging the whole scenery and I killed him and his partners. I reported to the King and he told me he had more jobs for me. Now I had to check on some friends of his that had been attacked when they arrived to town. When I came over and asked them questions they said that one of the people that attacked them called another one "lieutenent". I was hoping that it would turn out to be NCR, so I could kill some of those degenerates.

I was getting tired of walking around. Hoped the job paid well. I had to ask around for information about the NCR in Freeside.

I had to take a fucking NCR quiz to be able to get information. I wanted to burn my tongue and curse my intelligence for knowing all that. I was so mad I had to kill the bastard after I got the password to the NCR little house on Freeside. The NCR woman inside their store told me that they had sent an envoy before and they were almost beaten to death. I can't believe I would have to be on NCR's side...

The King's right hand came running to me when I got to their place, saying I shouldn't be telling the King what I had learned about the NCR being beaten. I took that chance to blackmail him and get some caps, although I was on his side. The more beatings to those degenerates the better.

When I was talking to the King one of the members came running and told us that the King's right hand was on a shootout against the NCR. That was interesting. I killed all the NCR's. It turned out better than I expected, this job.

I finished the work that the King had for me and he said I got one favor from him. I immediatly asked him for caps. He gave me one thousand. I was now good to buy the Katana, but had to make more money to get into The Strip.

I bought the Katana but was now 1000 caps short to make it to The Strip. At Mick and Ralph's, the place I bought the Katana, I started stealing things from their room without them noticeing and then sold them to them. They never noticed. I didn't sell some of the things, so that I wouldn't arouse suspicion. I went in the Atomic Wrangler, Freeside's casino to sell the stuff. They didn't want any of the shit I was carrying and I was getting desperate.

I got a room there and am going to sleep. I'll probably work for them, in the morning.

Feb 16, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 4

I talked again with the woman that rent me a room at the motel, to see if she knew about the man in the checkered coat. She told, among lots of other things that almost put me back to sleep, that I should talk to Manny, who was the day time sniper. I thought it would be best to break into his room, since he wouldn't be going there anytime during the day. In his personal computer he had a note from a Khan. Turns out my "friend"'s name is Benny and they were going to Boulder City. So that's where I was headed.

By the road I saw HELIOS One. I decided to scout it a little bit, as it was NCR territory. I wondered what The Legion would say if I took it... Their flag waving to the wind made me sick. While scouting I found a shack with a computer in, but even I couldn't decypher it. The NCR soldiers weren't many and they looked slacky, but still I decided to do it another time. Perhaps when Caesar has his attentions turned upon me.

I arived at Boulder City. I walked all night and was hoping that the town had a place for me to rest. At the entrance of town there was a NCR soldier. He was staring at this stone, which served as a mark of the dead NCR soldiers from the battle of the Dam. He said that his older brother was in the stone, because he died in a NCR ambush against The Legion. I smiled and then hit the stone with my sledgehammer, leaving a big crack on it. The soldier started to attack me and retreated to a nearby bar, which was empty, only had the bartender. I squashed them both.

I advanced into town and a NCR soldier said that there was a situation with the Great Khans, that they had NCR hostages and I told him I would negotiate with the Great Khans. I went in their hideout and recognized the face of the Great Khan that talked to me. He was talking to Benny before he shot me. Needless to say he got surprised when he saw me. He then told me that Benny took the Platinum Chip and went to New Vegas. After he told me all that I he knew I killed him and his firends. Teach them to mess with me. I even wore his bandana after I killed him. Another proof of NCR cowardiss, as I slaughtered the Khans they showed no signs of help, like they said they would. I can't wait until I put my hands on them.

As I got off Boulder City I met Victor again. I was tired of him, he was definetly following me. So I destroyed him. It was morning already, I didn't sleep all night. And to top that, as I chased Victor I found myself in Boulder Beach, which was full of Lakelurks. I destroyed the blasted beasts, but it wasn't easy. Because of Victor I lost track of the road that I was supposed to take, making me wander around the deserted areas. Darned robot, even destroyed he's annoying. I found an abandoned camp site and decided to sleep in it. Even though the sun was bright in the sky, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.

I had finally found the road again. I still had a pretty long walk to go.

I now arrived to North Vegas. The poverty and drug addiction level are over the charts. I'll just find somewhere to sleep now. I can't wait to get to Benny.

Feb 11, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 3

On my way out to Primm and to Nipton I was ambushed by some remaining Powder Gangers. They didn't stand a chance. Less of these scum to deal with. It was night already, so when I finished those Powder Gangers I stormed a Police station that was being used by some bandits as shelter. Ironic. I slept in a prison cell, huh. Woke up shortly after and continued to head to Nipton. I saw on the horizon the statue of the Mojave Outpost. Spat on the ground, disgusting NCR cowards. Cleared some more bandits at Nipton Road Pit Stop... I guess it is part of my pursuit for purity, cleansing all these... Degenerates.

When I set sight on Nipton it was completely destroyed. Smoke everywhere, big fires comming out of piles of tires... I had to check out what it was that hit town. More bandits? I didn't think so. A Powder Ganger aproached me as I entered town, jumping around for what seemed no reason. He ended up telling me that he had won the "Lottery". Didn't tell me what Lottery though. Being a Powder Ganger, I had to kill him.

I headed into town's general store before heading to the Mayor's Hall to seek answers. The only one inside the store was a crippled Powder Ganger. I enquired him as to what happened and he said "The Legion" happened. That had been the group that I heard talk the other day... He told me that the decapitated, burnt, crucified and enslaved the town's population, in exceptance to the Powder Ganger I killed and the one I was talking to, who had won second place and for that his legs were smashed with hammers. I had to know why they did it. If it was for what I was thinking...

I killed the Powder Ganger and headed to Town's hall, to see if The Legion was still there. They were, for my appease. The man who spoke to me said that I should spread the word as to what The Legion had done to Nipton, a town of weaklings, cowards, corruption... A "town of whores", by his words. I told him I admired the purity of The Legion's justice and he told me not to forget what he had asked of me. Oh and I didn't... I knew just the place to spread the word of The Legion's justice... The Mojave Outpost.

I went with thoughts of killing, but the sergeant was so terryfied when I told him about The Legion's attack that I just rejoiced in his fear.

I went back to Nipton, to head to Novac. I was getting kind of tired. Past Nipton, on a valley that led to Novac, I was ambushed by a gang of bandits. ED-E took care of them from distance and those who got close got smashed by my sledgehammer. Leaving that valley I found four Legionaries preparing an ambush. I joined them, quitely, as they are not yet familiarized with me and I do not wish to press my luck. They saw two groups of merchants and ran towards them. I joined in. Probably they were NCR suppliers. And even ahead there was another Legionaries group, well position for an ambush. It was night already. I stayed with them, to see where the situation was going. Turns out they were just patroling the area because there was a camp set nearby. I found out later that they were stationed there because of a Ranger outpost that was next to the road to Novac. Since they were just patrolling, I moved on.

Finally arrived to Novac. It's still night, I might rent a room. Damned Victor is here in Novac... I don't like that. I can't shake the feeling that he is following me.

Feb 10, 2013

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The Pursuit of Purity, Journal #2

I entered the NCR Correctional Facility without any of the Powder Gangers knowing my true intentions. I asked who the boss was and where could I find him. Eddie was his name. Was. I went there and sent a spear through his head. Handled the rest of the scum with my machete, resulting in quite the blood fest. Might want to find some place to wash up...

During my stay at the Correctional Facility I found out that not all the Powder Gangers scum were holed up there. I learned that someone named Cooke led the rest of the scum North. Don't know where. For now I'll just head on to Primm.

Seems like news spread fast. On my way to Primm I ran into two Powder Gangers scum who were already trying to kill me for what I had done. Too bad for them.

At Primm's entrance an NCR soldier came running towards me. By instinct I grabbed my blade. He warned me that Primm wasn't safe. Scaredy cats, all of them. I'll take care of what ever is it that gets in my way. I found it disgusting to walk past the NCR camp mounted outside of Primm. Every inch of my being wanted to kill those weaklings, who do nothing for no one except themselves! But, had I take any action, the people of Primm might have gotten scared and that would have shut their mouths.

Apparently the town was overrun by escaped convicts and the NCR was too much of a bitch to take them on. I made my way to the Mojave Express building, where I used to get my jobs as a Courier. The building was empty except for a broken robot. I examined the thing and managed to get it working. Hopefully it will do me some good. Since the house was empty, I took the food from the plates. It was kind of disgusting, but I was famished.

I went to the town casino to see if it was there that all the town's people were holed up. Turns out it was. I talked to Johnson Nash, the owner of the Mojave Express, to see if he knew anything. He told me that I should talk to Deputy Beagle, the town's deputy. And where was that guy? Surprise surprise, prisioner of the convicts. So I went to the hotel where they were holed in. Guess I can say that eliminating those convicts is part of my Purity job, so I took them all on.

Damn convicts trashed my armor. I stole a leather armor from their leader, but I am not pleased. Maybe I can do some adjustments over the time, it will have to do... I found Beagle. Coward scum. I released him and he tried to run, so I beheaded him. Luckily he had a holotape that told me where to proceed.

I cleared the building of the scum. This robot, ED-E according to a license plate attached to him, came in pretty handy. I went and told Nash that Beagle was dead. Since the guy paid me, I thought it wouldn't hurt to tell him that. But the old man had to go and ask me to find a new sheriff... I reprogrammed his damned robot and ended that predicament.

And so I am off to Novac, via Nipton, as the holotape indicated.

Feb 6, 2013

Attachment to Journal entry 1

This is how I looked with the armor that Mitchel recovered from me.

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal #1

I will reset this Journal from the point that I have been shot in the head. That's right, shot in the motherfucking head. Over a Platinum Chip I was supposed to deliver to the Strip... How I hate the Mojave. Once I get better the scum will pay, mark these words.

I was burried alive but dug out pretty by a robot, from what I gathered from Doctor Mitchel, the Goodspring's doctor, town that took me in. He patched me up, gave me a physical and psycological analysis. He had a machine that came up with the results of 7 for strength, 7 for percepcion, 6 for endurance, 3 for charisma, 8 for intelligence, 6 for agility and 3 for luck. As for the psycological analysis he said my strengths were Melee, Science and Sneak. He got that right. He went through all my stuff, I didn't appreciate that. I wanted to leave that darn town right quick. He told me to go talk to a Sunny Smiles. Maybe I'll get some caps to start travelling and go after those who killed me and, my ultimate goal, purifying the Mojave.

He gave me back my Tribal raiding armor, my Machete and my spears. At least he didn't steal all the stuff. Went back to my grave, where I got shot, right outside town, and a distinctive cigarette butt, that may help me to track down the guy in the checkered suit that shot me. Then I went and talked to that girl, like Mitchel told to. She wanted me to practice shooting, like I wasn't good enough, and then we went hunting for some geckos. I sliced through all of them, even saved a worthless settler lost from the town. Then the girl told me to go speak to Trudy, which I planned on doing, since she must had known something about my attackers. Inside that woman Trudy was having an argument with someone, who I learned to be Joe Cobb, member of the Powder Gangers, a gang of scum, drug addicts and reckless bandits. Said that area was their territory. Well that just makes my job of purifying the Mojave a bit harder. Nothing I can't handle though.

Trudy told me to head east, to Primm, to continue tracking the guys that attacked me. Before leaving town, a guy named Easy Pete warned me about some guys who called themselves The Legion, slavers. Said they were being lead by Caesar. Now, if I got my History right, they must be trying to replicate the Roman Empire. I don't know much about them yet, but if they are doing a good job on building that Empire, that is the best hope for purifying the Mojave.

On the way out from Goodsprings I found Joe Cobb. Easy fight. Easy kill. On the way to Primm som guy asked me for help. Normally I would just walk, but he offered caps. I needed caps. So I went up a hill he pointed me, telling me some girl was trapped on the top by some geckos. I killed the geckos, easy enough, got to the top: nothing. I figured it out right quick, I had been scammed. The guy wanted to kill me for the loot. The bastard didn't even see me coming as I sliced his head off. I passed through some Powder Gangers  which I decided to ignore. I ended up near the facility they had settled in, the Correctional Facility. Fascinating how the NCR can be so incompetent as to let all the scum get free and take over their facility. I spit at the thought of NCR.

Slept in a camp near the Facility, so I could attack in the mourning. I'm going to infiltrate in and kill them from the inside. Easier that way.