Apr 30, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 17

Degenerates. Scum. Profligates. Filth. Purity. Need Purity. Kill... All of them. All of them.

After the surgery I felt so... Good. If these degenerates were to do the same thing to the profligates... I killed them. Everyone inside that clinic, I killed.

Order. Organization. How everything should be. Purity. Everything knows it's place. A message, sent this message. Arms in one place, legs in another, bodies in other, heads in another. Pile 'em up, pile 'em up.

Surgical tools. Yes, Caesar. Need to operate on him heh heh heh. Found the surgical tools, went back to The Legion. Travelled through the night, saw the sun rising. Best to avoid NCR. I'll kill them, kill them all. But they are tough. Everyone on their side. Be cautious.

Arrived at Cottonwood Cove. Showed conquers to Aurelius. NCR doesn't stand a chance. Asked Lucullus to take me to Caesar. The crossing was so long. Want to be in charge. Have to be in charge. Purity. The Legion, best way to Purity. Yes. All the filth. The Legion can vanquish the filth. Have to be in charge.

Went in Caesar's tent. Heart... Beating fast. Faster and faster and faster. Lucius, the sencond in command tells me Caesar is in a coma. Surgery, have to do surgery. Lucius is in charge now, until Caesar gets better. Have to do surgery. Asked what happens if Caesar dies. Legate Lanius. Lucius tells me he is strong, strong warrior. He'd take the place. The place I need. Have to be in charge. Have to purify. Can Lanius purify? Have to be in charge. Take my chance.

There he stood. Had to do surgery. So easy. Can't resist. Have to be in charge. Have to take my chance. Purity. I ask everyone to leave the room. Surgery begins. The Mighty Caesar. My hands. His death, I made it look like an accident. Lucius wanted to hurt me, kill me. Explained the cranial bleeding was too much. Mighty Caesar is no more. Heh... Heh heh... Hahahahah! Mighty Caesar, no more! HAHAHAHAHA!

Lucius apologized. Still wanted to be with The Legion, so did not kill him. He gave me a mission, to kill NCR's President Kimball during a speech he'd give at the Dam. The Dam. NCR. Kill them. If not all, their leader. That will frighten them , weaken them, make them fragile. Then kill them all. Accepted the mission. Had to meet another Legionarie near the Dam. He'd tell me the plan. Yes. Kill all the profligates.

Legionaries are talking about Legate Lanius. He stands a mighty warrior. Undefeated, they said. But... Have to be in charge...

Back into Cottonwood Cove. Slept through the bark trip. Went north to the location given. Found NCR Camp. Slaughter, slaughter them all.

Met the contact. Cato Hostilius. Help. Yes, he'll help. We'll kill the leader, watch them fall. Fall from their false throne made of cowardisse.

We rest now. By morning we kill. Slaughter, slaughter them all.

Degenerates. Scum. Profligates. Filth. Purity. Need Purity. Kill... All of them. All of them.

Apr 26, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 16

As I got around The Fort, on my way out, I noticed a change. Legionaries were starting to like me. I was a Legion's... Amicus. Friend. Good. That way I'll be more likely to be of influence in the Legion's path, aiding my quest for Purity of the Wasteland's degenerate waste.

I passed the river back to the Western side of the Colorado and made my way to the Hidden Valley, the location appointed by Caesar. I decided to take the route through Nipton and Primm. As I passed near the Camp Searchlight the air got green and I killed more of those glowing NCR ghouls. And afterwards another NCR Ranger squad came after me, so I blew them up with my grenade launcher that I had acquired from the Boomers.

I passed by Nipton and the signs of The Legion's lesson were still there. Smoke, heads on spikes, banners. Nipton was a lesson to all those impure around the Mojave. I slept on the Nipton roadstop and awaited to continue my journey to the Hidden Valley.

I made my way up to Primm, killing off usual gang degenerate scum. After that I decided to pass by the NCR Crrectional Facility, since the rotting corpses of the Powder Gangers had some pieces of armor that interested me, since I could use some of it to repair the Burned Man's armor. There there was a sole survivor that I remembered that didn't pose a threat at the time. But when he said hello I... I had to kill him. The... degenerates... May have... Corrupted him... Hehe... Less degenerates, ahahahah! I was so filled with joy that I have to write my own laughter.

I discovered the Hidden Valley and entered one of the bunkers hidden in the dunes, the one Caesar said his Legionaries had seen patrols coming out off.

I entered and then I was approached by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. Big armor, energy weapons... Cowards, all of them. They took me to their leader, which showed much concern about his peple's safety. He wanted me to get rid of a NCR Ranger who was on one of the bunkers of the Valley. Normally I wouldn't have problems killing a NCR, but doing it for someone, like a dog... He wouldn't let me say no, though. They placed an explosive collar on me. If I exited the valley, my head would pop off. So I had to go and kill the Ranger.

I searched for the bunkers all night and couldn't find anything because of a weird sandstorm. At sunrise I found the bunker and the Ranger immediatly recognized me as the greatest NCR foe. Before he could reach his weapon I unsheathed my katana and cut off his head, throwing it in his own campfire. After that I returned to the Brotherhood bunker. He was very preocupied about my way of dealing with the Ranger, because he could be missed by other NCRs. I didn't care though and I made clear that I didn't care. He still thought I'd help. He removed my collar and asked me to meet him at his office. I didn't.

I knew bunkers like that. It had to have a self-destruct terminal. I looked for the terminal all around the bunker and found it on one of it's far ends. Even though people were watching I hacked through the passwords to make it of use. I may be a good warrior, but I am not stupid. They would be buried. I pressed the button and ran. They all realized what happened when the sirens sounded and started shooting at me. I took some laser shots, but nothing too bad.

I went back to Cottonwood Cove to ride the bark to The Fort, surprisingly with no threats posed. I rode the bark as usual, with Cursur Lucullus and arrived the Fort, hours later. Then it was time to report to Caesar. He was pleased to know I had destroyed not only the Brotherhood but also their home, their equipment, their plans. Then he asked me to join him in his tent for a private conversation. That was rather unusual.

He wanted to talk about his disease. Hum. He asked me what was my diagnostic. I told him what I had known for long, a tumor in the brain. He immediatly promoted me to Caesar's personal physician. Then asked me if I had what I needed to perform surgery. I told him I could, only needed the tools. He told me to go get them, so I knew I had to go to the New Vegas Clinic, so up North.

I went back to Cottonwood Cove and slept there until dawn. I was growing sick of my journeys North and South. But... I had to do it. For the best hope for Purity.

On my way up North I ran into a NCR soldier wearing Brotherhood armor. I had never seen it before. I killed him - not too easily - and retrieved his weapon. A melee beauty, the Super Sledge. I would hold on to it dearly.

I got to the Clinic and before I got the tools for Caesar I remembered what Doctor Usanagi had said about her creations, the implants. She could make my skin harder, that way I'd be harder to injure.

I am now preparing for surgery. A surgery of my own, I mean.

Apr 18, 2013

The Pursuit for Purity, Journal 15

I exitead the Fort with Cursor Lucullus. After arriving at Cottonwood Couve. I headed north to The Strip. Suprisingly enought I did the trip without any comotion.

On my way, while I passed by the monoraile tracks, I found the cart bellow on the ground. It was very satisfying.

I arrived at the Strip and then at the White Glove's casino, Ultra Luxe. I was stripped off of my weapons by a man in a suit and a mask which covered his face and distorted his voice. I soon found out that all White Gloves wore those masks. Interesting.

I procured their leadership throughout the casino. There were two leaders, a man named Mortimer and a woman named Marjorie. I should first talk to the woman and so I did. She considered Caesar's Legion savages and wasn't interested on an alliance. Mortimer, on the other hand, was a smarter man. But not smart enough. He supported an alliance but didn't want to confront the woman further. When I asked what could I do he said I did not have the stomach for it. I wouldn't accept that. Not the denial nor the insult. I killed all White Gloves I could find. First I killed Mortimer and the weapons guard with a dress cane. Then I could access my weapons. I Liberated them all. Then I decided to also Liberate all that were dining at their restaurant. And all the rest of the casino. No one inside was left living. May that have been a lesson.

Before leaving Freeside I passed by a profligate's store to repair the Burned Man's armor. It was started to weaken.

On my way south I was hit by another NCR "assassin" squad. They were getting tougher, I give them that.

I arrived at Cottonwood Cove and stopped by the Centurion to give him NCR dogtags. I didn't cease to impress. Then I went to the barge and crossed the river to The Fort. It was nightime when I arrived, but I decided to report to Caesar.

He told me he wanted my report. I honestly didn't want to face the wrath of Caesar and I feared that saying straight on that I had killed all the White Gloves would engage it. So I changed the theme to his headaches on our last encounter. It didn't work though and Caesar was not pleased to know that I had killed a valuable ally. He warned me about my behavior for my next assignment. The assignment was to destroy the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. While he was briefing me he zoned out. It was an absence seizure. I told him that and asked him if it was the first time. He said there had been a couple and I told him I was concerned about him having a serious neurological condition. He didn't want to talk more about it though. He told me to destroy the Brotherhood's bunker and then went to bed.

I will proceed in the morning. Fortunatly the next assignment requires me to kill everyone, so I can't screw up.

Apr 10, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 14

I made my way to that Boomers tribe place. Night fell as I walked through the desert, exiting the whole New Vegas area to the North. When I was getting to the place, a man was in the way. When I got near he stopped me, saying I'd get blown up by the Boomers if I just walked in on their terrotry like that. Then he said he had information that he could sell to me. I wasn't interested. I didn't like people who tried to make money out of such things, so I killed him. I searched him and it seemed that such information wasn't touchable. Well, I kept moving anyway.

As I walked I heard a noise. I recognized the noize. It was a howitzer being fired. I ran to cover straight away and still got badly hurt by the first blast. I waited in cover, healing myself, as the shots fell. They had to reload eventually. When they did, I ran into another ruined building that seemed safe. Another round of hell rain came and I waited. When they had to reload again I was already near enough their fence to prevent them from shooting. There I was approached by a man who was surprised to see I had survived. He told me to wait until a woman come along to deal with me. That woman presented herself and said their leader, an old woman, wished to see me. I would make her not wish that.

When I got there she said that there was something special about me and that the howitzer attack was the proof of that. Proof or no proof, no one attacks me, injures me and then walks away. No one. Not even Caesar's will prevented me to struck the old woman's throat with the Liberator as soon as she stopped talking. I waited in her house for a while longer, in order for the other Boomers to think that everything was ok. I also took the old woman's grenade launcher, in case I had to deal with some of these savages at a distance.

Somehow, they still knew that They had been attacked by me. Maybe I waited too long. So I had to kill rhose who had attacked me. Before I killed one I asked if there were another leaders. Without the leaders they'd be devastated enough to leave us alone. They pointed me to some barracks. While searching those barracks I found a piece that belonged to an howitzer. Coincidently, it was the piece missing for the howitzer in The Fort, that I had analyzed the first time I went there. So I took it. Seemed like the trip wasn't a waste after all.

I eventually found the old man's barrack and slashed him, adding another kill to my name. After that it was time to leave.

On my way out I had to destroy a guard robot and kill the entrance guard, who greeted me with a missile launcher pointed at my face. It was a fun kill. And after him I had the rest of the Wasteland waiting for me, as I headed to Cottonwood Cove, for Lucullus to take me to The Fort.

I followed the Lake Mead's shore until Camp Forlorn Hope and from there headed straight South to Cottonwood Cove.

When I reached the place I remembered that Decanus Severus was looking for someone who'd teach the Legionaries of the area to disarm and avoid landmines. I had the knowledge by then, so I taught them.

That time around Cursor Lucullus was not there to take me to The Fort. But I already knew the away, so I sailed the barge myself.

I arrived at The Fort and went straight to the howitzer gun. I replaced the firing mechanism easily enough and then went in Caesar's tent to tell him the news. As opposite to what I thought he'd say, after I only said that I had to wipe out the Boomers he said that it was a perfectly satisfatory way to deal with their threat. He quickly gave me my next assignment. Caesar wanted an alliance forged between the Legion and the White Glove Society, at the Strip. As he was briefing me about their former cannibalism he had an... Inconvenience. A massive headache that made him get up from his throne in pain. I was able to come up with a quick diagnose. I asked if he had ever experienced such sudden headaches. He calmly said that never that bad before, but then remembered his position of power and stood up, angry, scream at me to leave him alone and to come back later.

So I have to go to The Strip and forge an alliance with former cannibals White Glove Society. For now I'll sleep here on one of The Fort's tents. I'll head out in the morning.

Apr 7, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 13

I went south, back to the Lucky 38, to get ED-E, before I made my way to The Fort to report to Vulpes and Caesar. I was several weeks late. It was really a long way I had in ahead.

Not long after I exited the New Vegas area the NCR hit squad that had threatened me came through. It was not easy to slice those profligates, but it was fun. I even sent a message.

In the middle of the way we passed by a gang's encampment. As any other stupid and unintelligent gang, they decided to attack me. Their last mistake.

When I arrived at Cottonwood Cove I spoke to Centurion Aurelius of Phoenix. I had 32 NCR dog tags to give him. He said it was a good hunting. I could do better though. Then I spoke to Cursor Lucullus and he took me through the river to the Fort.

It was nightime when I arrived. I took rest in one of the Fort's tents and, in the morning, I went in Caesar's tent. There I talked to Vulpes and told him that the woman he wanted me to protect was giving information to the NCR. He told that he knew and that NCR's Captain Curtis was infiltrated, providing the Legion with information. Brilliant.

Then I spoke to Caesar. He told me of a tribe up northeast called the Boomers, who had heavy artillary that could be put to good use against the NCR, at the battle of the Dam. He wanted me to offer them a treaty, their future freadom for their help against the NCR. If they didn't comply, I was to kill them all.

Reports made, I had to leave The Fort for more missions. I would first head to the NCR's Camp McCarran to speak with Curtis about aiding in his mission.

On my way to Camp McCarran I was attacked by yet another NCR hit squad. Of course, after I killed them, I sent another message. I took one of their armors, because I might had needed to go undercover.

I arrived at the Camp's entrance and put on the ranger outfit I had found, covering my face with a hat and a pair of glasses. I felt felt unconfortable walking around a place filled with NCR cowards, while wearing a piece of their clothing.

I found Curtis and filled him in. Then he filled me in. He told me Hsu, the NCR Colonel, already knew about some leaks, but had ordered Curtis to found out who it was. Then he told me that a monorail connected Camp McCarran to the Strip with much safety and that he planned on blowing the train. Of course, I asked how could I help. He wanted me to plant the bomb and to plant evidence to show that someone inside had done it. Curtis had all planned, it would be easy. He told me to talk to Colonel Hsu and offer aid.

I asked Hsu what problems were troubling the Camp and he listed various things. Finally he talked about the leaked information and I offered to aid in the matter. After he accepted, I carried on with Curtis' plan. I found a garbage can where Curtis had placed the bomb materials, picked them and headed into the train. The guarding soldiers let me pass because of my vests. I went inside the monorail and planted the bomb. The monorail immediatly left and blew up moments after. After I walked out of the monorail site the troopers didn't even question me. Pff, pathetic.

Then I was to plant evidence and kill the soldier that I was to incriminate. I found his footlocker and placed the plans and bomb ingredients there. When I went and talk to him I found out he wasn't very bright. I told him I liked pranks like he did and then said I was about to prank someone. After his excited response, I pulled his grenade pin without him noticing and said I just pulled someone's grenade pin, walking back. He didn't figure it out, wanting to "see the look on the man's face". Those were his last words.

I reported to Hsu and told him Crenshaw did it, his last words being "frumentari". That convinced him. Then I went back to Curtis and told him the plan was a success. After that it was time for me to leave that damned place.

When I left, I gladly took off that dead ranger's armor and put back the Burned Man's vests. I felt good in them.