Mar 27, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 12

As I said before, I was forced to help the Burned Man. I had to find a compass, medical supplies and walkie-talkies, throughout the Zion. Follows-Chalk would help.

The compass was inside a crashed bus full of dead children's bones. And was broken, but I could repair it. After that I looked for shelter at the peak of a small mountain nearby the bus, as it was getting dark.

When I got out of the shelter tears starting to fall down the sky... I had never seen such a thing. It was rather unpleseant, it got me all soaked without me wanting to. I had my first run in with Yao Guais, though they were just cubs. They did not present a challenge, I hoped the mature form of the beasts were tougher.

I got to the fishing lodge and, after fighting a huge green gecko that puked a weird goo into Follows-Chalk, I found the walkie-talkies. As we made our way to our next destination we were attacked by the White Legs. They were tougher than what I would expect, given that I killed the ones that ambushed me on my arrival rather easily.

The medical kit I had found was contaminated. Thank goodness for the Burned Man that I am quite the knowledgeble man. I was able to sterilize the contaminated supplies with some nearby vodka. After that Follows-Chalk reminded me that the Burned Man also wanted lunchboxes, though I didn't recall why.

As we exited the station where we found the medical kit a Yao Guai attacked us. As I expected, wasn't so tough. I suffered no direct hits, he focused his attacks on Follows-Chalk. The building in which the lunchboxes were was right next to the station where the medical kit was. I killed the giant mantises inside the general store and gathered all the lunchboxes I found. Finally I had everything and had to go deliver it to the Surrows' tribe leader, Daniel.

When I aproached the camp a woman rushed towards me. She was basicaly just a greeter. I got to Daniel and gave him the supplies. The damned degenerate still wanted more help from me before giving me the blasted map. I told once, as a warning, that I wanted the map. He lectured me about respect. But then I told him again I wanted the map and he wanted to fight. So he is dead now. Follows-Chalk wanted no part in it.

I got the map from a clay pot near Daniel's bed. Then I left the camp, stealthly. But either the Burned Man had ears everywhere in Zion or Follows-Chalk was very fast, because when I was about to leave the Srrows' camp, the Burned Man himself appeared before me, with a vengeance. We had a fierce fight but I had ended up winning. I took his weapon and armor, as a trophy for a great kill.

I walked through Zion during the night, because I was greatly outnumber between the White Legs and now the Dead Horses and the Sorrows. I had to leave quickly. I used the river for most of the path. I was still attacked by White Legs and Dead Horses on the way though. I made it to the place I had arrived at in Zion and, with the help of the map, I was able to find my way back to the road I had travelled. From there it was easy to get back to the Mojave.

Weeks have passed and I now rest in the cavern where I left the Mojave. I will recover ED-E and then return to Caesar.

Mar 25, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 11

I went to the appointed place and there was nobody there to greet me, only a cave. I hesitated at first, but I had to know more.

Turned out there was a group of people inside the cave. I talked to the caravan master, asking what was the situation in Utah. He said it filled with raiders, degenerate tribes and warlords. The man also told not to mention the name "Joshua Graham" to anyone at all. Then he also told me not to talk about the Burned Man. I didn't know why, but it seemed strange that a Legion myth would be known by a Caravaneer.

He gave me a carried weight limit and didn't let me bring ED-E along. I would refuse and probably kill him, would not the Burned Man be involved in this expedition. I sent ED-E to the Lucky 38's Presidential Suite and was ready to go to Zion.

On our way there, Jed, the caravaneer, told me that Joshua Graham was the Burned Man. We arrived a couple of weeks after we left the Mojave Wasteland.

As soon as we started walking, we were attacked by a tribe whose name was the White Legs. They soon killed all of the people that came with me and I was left alone to fight them. They were at distance so it was a hard fight. But I grabbed some tomahawks from one of their fallen and handled them pretty well.

I crossed an old, rotten bridge and one more tribal was out to get me. But he was shot from behind by what seemed to be another tribal, who talked to me. He seemed to be led by Joshua Graham, since he didn't stop talking about him. He told me that Joshua would like to see me. I would meet the legend, the Burned Man...

The man that aided me, Follows-Chalk, told me about Zion as we walked. Then we saw two beasts fighting, big ones. I reckognized one to be a Gecko, though of unusual size. He said the other was a Yao Guai and that I should steer clear of their kind.

As we approached the location I saw heads on spikes. Those heads belonged to the White Legs. While Follows-Chalk believed that the heads on spikes showed that the White Legs' souls were trapped there, he also told me that Joshua had them there as a warning. He trully was once a Legionarie.

When I arrived to the camp there were a bunch of tribals training and a cave. Follows-Chalk told me that inside that cave was Joshua Graham.

Inside the cave I was greeted by a woman who could barely speak english. I told her that if she was too dumb to speak english, she was too dumb to talk to me. She got angry, but didn't do anything. Pff.

I met Joshua Graham. Where he did not have clothes, he had bandages, except for his eyes. He sought help, which I did not intend to give, but helping him was the only way out for me, at least for now.

His first instructions were for me to find supplies to get around. I am going to do so, after resting here for a while.

Mar 20, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 10

I made my way back to Nelson, NCR blood warming my face, with a smile. Dead Sea, the Nelson commander, said it was a great achievment that I have made. He gave me his blade, Liberator, for me to carry with honor. I gladly accepted.

After leading solelly Nelson to victory over Forlorn Hope I continued to head North, to The Strip, to do Vulpes' and Caesar's bidding. And meanwhile, I was desperatly looking for someone to heal my radiation sickness. On the way, the NCR Ranger squad appeared again, to remind me I had two more days. I was almost seeing double from all the dizzyness, so I still didn't reply to the challenge.

It's always the same road I end up taking when going to The Strip. The Mojave was starting to feel a dull place for me, always the same. Thankfully I am on good ways to join The Legion and maybe that'll change. Heading on that road, though, I remembered there was a medical clinic near the Freeside gate. I took a deep breath and my way to it.

The Doctor there, Usanagi, starting making an advertising campaign even before I could start talking. She said that she had some expensive surgeries that could increase some of my abilities. But first things first, I asked her to heal my radiation. The feel of the RadAway going through my veins never felt so good. While the medicine took effect I asked her about the implants. She said one of them was a sub-dermal implant that would make me more resistant to damage and the other one was a cell-regenaration booster, that would make my wounds heal quicker. But they were pricy. 8000 caps each. She also had strength, intelligence, agility, etc booster implants, but I didn't want any of those.

I entered Freeside and headed staright into The Strip's gate. First I went into the Vault 21 hotel to look for Vulpes' informant, Martina Groesbeck. When I found her room, she was surrounded by Omertas, who asked me to back off. I caused quite a mess. Then I talked with the woman and she was a spy for the NCR. I didn't kill her where she stood because I got confused about Vulpes' motives to protect her. Matters I will clear when I get back to The Fort.

Then I went to the Lucky 38. Mr. House would be no more. But he was prepared. All his robots started to attack me as soon as I went into the casino. I dispached the two on the casino floor and then threw around some pulse grenades I had found in the penthouse floor. Then I inserted the Platinum Chip into Mr. House's terminal, which opened an antechamber to an elevator. The elevator took me to his control room.

There he laid, in a capsule, a corrupted and shrunk body, which could well be a corpse. I unlocked the chamber from the outside and he came out. He asked me why did I do it. All his... "good"... Undone. I simply told him "By Caesar's command, you will die." He weeped as he thought about the idea of slavery for the future of mankind. As he wished a special hell for me, I trespassed his throat with my katana.

Going back up to the penthouse it felt empty, as all robots and the giant screen were deactivated. I exited the casino and walked out of The Strip, never trusting those darned Securitrons.

As I exited, I picked up a radio signal about Utah, going in there for a job. It sounded pretty unique and I saw it as ways to scout for territory that could be suitable for The Legion. So I am resting now at Freeside and in the morning I will go to the Northern Passage, not far, to see about this... Job.

Mar 11, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 9

Once I got into the bunker building I was given my gear back. I had to insert the Platinum Chip in the concole, in order for a shaft door to open. A door with the Lucky 38 logo was inside.

The place inside was slightly irradiated. I could feel since I was already suffering from radiotion poisoning and I kept getting worst. just inside there was a monitor with Mr. House's face on it. He said I was there earlier than he expected, so I assumed he wanted something for me. And I was right. He wanted me to upload the Chip's data at the other end of the facility. But I basically told him to fuck off and said I was going to do as Caesar asked me to, just blow it up. "There will be no safe haven for you" he said. I spat on the monitor screen.

I went in, coughing in sickness, disabled all the robots, located the generators, blew them up with plasma grenades I had found, went back out, as the whole thing exploded. Once I got out I had to give out my weapons again.

Speaking to some people around camp I found out about the Burned Man, a once high person among the Legion who failed Caesar, so he was burned and thrown into the Grande Canyon. Caesar phorbids the very mention of his true name. Slaves believe his spirit rose from the ashes and is seeking revenge. Degenerates... They'll believe anything.

Before talking to Caesar, I talked to Vulpes Inculta, the Legionarie I met in Nipton and later in the Strip. He said they had a spy on the Omertas, but she was getting caught up on. He wanted me to guarantee that the information kept flowing. I'd do it as soon as I could.

I talked to Caesar and he knew I got the job done, as he asked. So my reward was to decide how Benny died. I got to him and told him to come fight me in the arena, like a man. He thought he had a chance. But I made sure I sent a message.

I heard more about the Burned Man after I left the arena. I heard he was a great warrior, even greater than Legate Lanius and that Caesar still had scouts looking for him.

I talked to Caesar again and he said he wanted Mr. House out. So I had to return to The Strip.

I took sleep at Cottonwood Cove once I arrived. Then I left the camp and took a shortcut through the desert. Then I was approached by a disguised Legionarie who told I could use a box that had items that the Legion did not need. Then I got to a NCR Ranger Camp that was surrounded by irradiated craters. Though I killed all the Rangers there, but the radiotion sickness got worst. I was getting critically ill.

On the way I got approached by yet another band of NCR Rangers, but these much better equipped. I couldn't take them on due to my sickness, as much pain as it causes to admit. They said I had to make my reputation with the NCR better in three days, or they'd come for me. As if I was affraid. I just needed time and medicine to cure myself.

I was approached by a lone NCR trooper who sought help to rescue some hostages the Legion had taken. I introduced him to my sword. Then I found Nelson, a small town controlled by the Legion. I spoke to their commander, Dead Sea, who, when I asked if he wanted me to break the non-fighting period between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope, challenged me to do it myself. I told him it sounded like fun.

I found an abandoned entrance to a bunker on the way to Forlorn Hope. I marked in on my map, so I could go explore later.

I got to the Camp. They didn't attack me on sight because of the treaty they had offered me. Their mistake.

I first took out the Major, in their main tent. I used my katana for the first time on him. When I got out, ready for a fight, I found that they didn't notice what had happened inside the tent. Better for me. Next was the medical trooper. I slaughtered him and the wounded. Then the remmaining Commander. But I decided not to settle for the commanding officers as Dead Sea had challenged, but to regourge in a NCR's bloodbath. I killed everyone, taking as many dogtags as I could to show them to the Centurion at Cottonwood Cove.

I am taking rest at the NCR's camp I just slaughtered. I'm going to Dead Sea in the morning.

Mar 6, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 8

I exited Freeside while preparing myself mentally for the journey I had ahead. It was going to be a long walk. I started by taking the same road I had taken to go to New Vegas but then I decided to take a shortcut through the irregular hills of the Mojave.

Eventually I got back on the road. I slept in a camp at halfway through the course, at the El Dorado Gas.

Back on the road, I passed through some ruins filled with Golden Geckos. Tough lizards, those bastards. The place was very irradiated too, I was begining to feel sick.

Nearing Cottonwood Cove's location, I found a glowing feral ghoul dressed as a NCR trooper. They are not clever enough to get dressed, so I didn't get what happened. Then I found another one. I realised I passed by Camp Searchlight, a camp that was NCR's. I heard about something that had hit them, but didn't know what.

I knew just when I got to Cottonwood Cove. Crosses with bodies attached to them marked the entrance. I was approached by a Legionnarie who wanted to know my business in Cottonwood. I calmly and proudly showed Caesar's Mark, saying I was invited. On the camp I talked to the Decanus and the Centurion. The Centurion said he'd pay me for every NCR dogtag that I would bring them. They were desrespectful and didn't like the fact that I wore the Mark. So I made haste to the barge that would lead me to Caesar. The sooner I met him, the sooner I would get known around The Legion. So I went and met Cursor Lucullus, who said that, for his knowledge, this was the first time that Caesar had summoned anyone.

At my arrival I was relieved of all my weapons. The Fort was not like I expected. It wasn't elaborate, it was a simple place, which served it's purpose. In the area of the tents, where Caesar resided, there was an arena. Before I met Caesar, I asked the arena keeper to fight, so that I could be recognized as a fierce warrior before I met Mighty Caesar. First I fought two slaves. I was given a machete and they had machetes two. I disposed of them easily, sending a message with the last one, decapitating him. Then there was a captured NCR soldier. Oh did I enjoy that. I decapitated him too. He said my last challenge was a NCR Ranger, who fought only with her fists and had already killed some Legionnaries. I would proove myself to The Legion with that fight. And I did. The arena guard couldn't even believe what he had seen. Then I slept in a tent on the camp, to rest for my meeting with Caesar.

And so I went in. ED-E had to stay outside the tent. When I went in, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Benny tied up on his knees. I was loving the Mighty Caesar already. Caesar told me he liked me because I could get things done. He knew that, he had been watching me. Then asked me if I was ready to get started. I said that I was ready to serve The Legion, maybe a little more excited that I should. He said he wanted Mr. House taken out. And that there was a bunker behind the tent, the bunker that Yes Man told me about, whoose doors would open with the Platinum Chip, which he had recovered from Benny. He wanted me to destroy whatever it was that was behind those doors. He also said that once done, I could choose how Benny died. I had to choose between a fight in the arena, decapitation by me or crucifixion. I'd choose later.

I am currently at the bunker's door, getting ready for whatever is in there.

Mar 3, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 7

Once I got to the Lucky 38's door Victor talked to me. He said I couldn't go with my robot, ED-E. Perhaps Mr. House is such a coward that he wouldn't let me have company, with fear that I will attack him.

I was astonished when I got to Mr. House. There was no man, but a computer talking to me. His face was on a giant screen. He asked me what did I make of New Vegas. I couldn't believe he would expect me not to react to my talking to a monitor and ask me a question like that. I asked him what the hell was he and he got offended. Then asked me the same question, but I didn't care about Vegas, a city of sin, gambling, drugs and alcohol. I asked him what did he want with me. He said that he wanted me to bring him the Platinum Chip, to recover it from Benny. I didn't know his plan and I can't trust a man in a monitor, so I refused. Then he told me to leave and see The Strip, The Strip he had built. To see what he could offer me. I spat on the ground just as I could be spitting on all his wealthiness and his city of sin. And I left.

Now to see to Benny.

When I got out of the Lucky 38 everybody was looking at me. Apparently I was the first one to enter the Lucky 38 and see Mr. House. Then I was approached by a NCR soldier who gave me a note from the NCR's ambassador of the Stip. I ripped the note as soon as I got it in my hands.

Once I got to Benny's casino I was asked to give my weapons. I had to or otherwise I couldn't go through and I wouldn't be able to get to Benny. I searched the casino for him and there he was, surrounded by bodyguards. I went over and when he saw he got speechless. He couldn't believe I was alive and got even worst when he realized I was the one guy everyone was talking about he got to meet Mr. House. The guy was dumb. When I asked for a reason not to kill him he said that everyone on the casino would turn on me, but then said I wasn't there for vegeance but for business and asked me to go somewhere more private. He was wrong. He asked me to go to the Presidential Suite - which he gave me - and to wait there.

But the motherfucker outsmarted me. He never intended to show up. Once I got in the suite he talked to me over the intercom and said he wouldn't go to the suite and would leave. I saw where it was going, I expected real soon some company. And I didn't have my weapons on me. I just said. "You're a dead man". I would get him. Four guys showed up, two with silenced guns and two with straight razors. They did a number on me and ED-E, but hell, did I get them. And I had to send a message.

Then I went to Benny's suite to search for him. There were two other Charimen there, who I killed. I searched his suite and he wasn't there. But then I found a securitron. Different from the others, it had a creepy cheery face. And he was totally stupid. Or badly programmed. He couldn't refuse any of my requests and had to answer to everything I asked. He told me Benny had escaped through his secret elevator. Then I asked some more questions. He told me Benny had reprogrammed him to monitor Mr. House's activities. He said that the Platinum Chip was going to be used by Mr. House to upgrade his defenses and that Benny wanted to use it and Yes Man, the creepy robot, to take over New Vegas, killing Mr. House and controlling his mainframe. Lastly he told me the only places the Platinum Chip could be activated were the Lucky 38 and a bunker at Fortification Hill. Probably that's where Benny went.

Down in the casino floor, they must've heard that I killed those Chairmen, since they started attacking when they saw me. Good, makes my message clearer. I decapitated the last of them with a swithblade I had taken from the Chairmen I killed first.

Once I exited the casino the Legionarie that took over Nipton came to talk with me. Honestly, I had to hide my enthusiasm. He gave me the Mark of Caesar, so I could go into Fortification Hill. He also told me that Benny had already fled the Strip and was making his way to Caesar's camp. I knew why. Then he told me to go to Fortification Hill via Cottonwood Cove. So I exited the Strip. I finally had The Legion's attention.

It's nightime so I am going to sleep in the Atomic Wrangler before I proceed to Cottonwood Cove. I had to claim a bounty anyway.