Mar 11, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 9

Once I got into the bunker building I was given my gear back. I had to insert the Platinum Chip in the concole, in order for a shaft door to open. A door with the Lucky 38 logo was inside.

The place inside was slightly irradiated. I could feel since I was already suffering from radiotion poisoning and I kept getting worst. just inside there was a monitor with Mr. House's face on it. He said I was there earlier than he expected, so I assumed he wanted something for me. And I was right. He wanted me to upload the Chip's data at the other end of the facility. But I basically told him to fuck off and said I was going to do as Caesar asked me to, just blow it up. "There will be no safe haven for you" he said. I spat on the monitor screen.

I went in, coughing in sickness, disabled all the robots, located the generators, blew them up with plasma grenades I had found, went back out, as the whole thing exploded. Once I got out I had to give out my weapons again.

Speaking to some people around camp I found out about the Burned Man, a once high person among the Legion who failed Caesar, so he was burned and thrown into the Grande Canyon. Caesar phorbids the very mention of his true name. Slaves believe his spirit rose from the ashes and is seeking revenge. Degenerates... They'll believe anything.

Before talking to Caesar, I talked to Vulpes Inculta, the Legionarie I met in Nipton and later in the Strip. He said they had a spy on the Omertas, but she was getting caught up on. He wanted me to guarantee that the information kept flowing. I'd do it as soon as I could.

I talked to Caesar and he knew I got the job done, as he asked. So my reward was to decide how Benny died. I got to him and told him to come fight me in the arena, like a man. He thought he had a chance. But I made sure I sent a message.

I heard more about the Burned Man after I left the arena. I heard he was a great warrior, even greater than Legate Lanius and that Caesar still had scouts looking for him.

I talked to Caesar again and he said he wanted Mr. House out. So I had to return to The Strip.

I took sleep at Cottonwood Cove once I arrived. Then I left the camp and took a shortcut through the desert. Then I was approached by a disguised Legionarie who told I could use a box that had items that the Legion did not need. Then I got to a NCR Ranger Camp that was surrounded by irradiated craters. Though I killed all the Rangers there, but the radiotion sickness got worst. I was getting critically ill.

On the way I got approached by yet another band of NCR Rangers, but these much better equipped. I couldn't take them on due to my sickness, as much pain as it causes to admit. They said I had to make my reputation with the NCR better in three days, or they'd come for me. As if I was affraid. I just needed time and medicine to cure myself.

I was approached by a lone NCR trooper who sought help to rescue some hostages the Legion had taken. I introduced him to my sword. Then I found Nelson, a small town controlled by the Legion. I spoke to their commander, Dead Sea, who, when I asked if he wanted me to break the non-fighting period between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope, challenged me to do it myself. I told him it sounded like fun.

I found an abandoned entrance to a bunker on the way to Forlorn Hope. I marked in on my map, so I could go explore later.

I got to the Camp. They didn't attack me on sight because of the treaty they had offered me. Their mistake.

I first took out the Major, in their main tent. I used my katana for the first time on him. When I got out, ready for a fight, I found that they didn't notice what had happened inside the tent. Better for me. Next was the medical trooper. I slaughtered him and the wounded. Then the remmaining Commander. But I decided not to settle for the commanding officers as Dead Sea had challenged, but to regourge in a NCR's bloodbath. I killed everyone, taking as many dogtags as I could to show them to the Centurion at Cottonwood Cove.

I am taking rest at the NCR's camp I just slaughtered. I'm going to Dead Sea in the morning.

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