Mar 6, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 8

I exited Freeside while preparing myself mentally for the journey I had ahead. It was going to be a long walk. I started by taking the same road I had taken to go to New Vegas but then I decided to take a shortcut through the irregular hills of the Mojave.

Eventually I got back on the road. I slept in a camp at halfway through the course, at the El Dorado Gas.

Back on the road, I passed through some ruins filled with Golden Geckos. Tough lizards, those bastards. The place was very irradiated too, I was begining to feel sick.

Nearing Cottonwood Cove's location, I found a glowing feral ghoul dressed as a NCR trooper. They are not clever enough to get dressed, so I didn't get what happened. Then I found another one. I realised I passed by Camp Searchlight, a camp that was NCR's. I heard about something that had hit them, but didn't know what.

I knew just when I got to Cottonwood Cove. Crosses with bodies attached to them marked the entrance. I was approached by a Legionnarie who wanted to know my business in Cottonwood. I calmly and proudly showed Caesar's Mark, saying I was invited. On the camp I talked to the Decanus and the Centurion. The Centurion said he'd pay me for every NCR dogtag that I would bring them. They were desrespectful and didn't like the fact that I wore the Mark. So I made haste to the barge that would lead me to Caesar. The sooner I met him, the sooner I would get known around The Legion. So I went and met Cursor Lucullus, who said that, for his knowledge, this was the first time that Caesar had summoned anyone.

At my arrival I was relieved of all my weapons. The Fort was not like I expected. It wasn't elaborate, it was a simple place, which served it's purpose. In the area of the tents, where Caesar resided, there was an arena. Before I met Caesar, I asked the arena keeper to fight, so that I could be recognized as a fierce warrior before I met Mighty Caesar. First I fought two slaves. I was given a machete and they had machetes two. I disposed of them easily, sending a message with the last one, decapitating him. Then there was a captured NCR soldier. Oh did I enjoy that. I decapitated him too. He said my last challenge was a NCR Ranger, who fought only with her fists and had already killed some Legionnaries. I would proove myself to The Legion with that fight. And I did. The arena guard couldn't even believe what he had seen. Then I slept in a tent on the camp, to rest for my meeting with Caesar.

And so I went in. ED-E had to stay outside the tent. When I went in, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Benny tied up on his knees. I was loving the Mighty Caesar already. Caesar told me he liked me because I could get things done. He knew that, he had been watching me. Then asked me if I was ready to get started. I said that I was ready to serve The Legion, maybe a little more excited that I should. He said he wanted Mr. House taken out. And that there was a bunker behind the tent, the bunker that Yes Man told me about, whoose doors would open with the Platinum Chip, which he had recovered from Benny. He wanted me to destroy whatever it was that was behind those doors. He also said that once done, I could choose how Benny died. I had to choose between a fight in the arena, decapitation by me or crucifixion. I'd choose later.

I am currently at the bunker's door, getting ready for whatever is in there.

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