Mar 25, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 11

I went to the appointed place and there was nobody there to greet me, only a cave. I hesitated at first, but I had to know more.

Turned out there was a group of people inside the cave. I talked to the caravan master, asking what was the situation in Utah. He said it filled with raiders, degenerate tribes and warlords. The man also told not to mention the name "Joshua Graham" to anyone at all. Then he also told me not to talk about the Burned Man. I didn't know why, but it seemed strange that a Legion myth would be known by a Caravaneer.

He gave me a carried weight limit and didn't let me bring ED-E along. I would refuse and probably kill him, would not the Burned Man be involved in this expedition. I sent ED-E to the Lucky 38's Presidential Suite and was ready to go to Zion.

On our way there, Jed, the caravaneer, told me that Joshua Graham was the Burned Man. We arrived a couple of weeks after we left the Mojave Wasteland.

As soon as we started walking, we were attacked by a tribe whose name was the White Legs. They soon killed all of the people that came with me and I was left alone to fight them. They were at distance so it was a hard fight. But I grabbed some tomahawks from one of their fallen and handled them pretty well.

I crossed an old, rotten bridge and one more tribal was out to get me. But he was shot from behind by what seemed to be another tribal, who talked to me. He seemed to be led by Joshua Graham, since he didn't stop talking about him. He told me that Joshua would like to see me. I would meet the legend, the Burned Man...

The man that aided me, Follows-Chalk, told me about Zion as we walked. Then we saw two beasts fighting, big ones. I reckognized one to be a Gecko, though of unusual size. He said the other was a Yao Guai and that I should steer clear of their kind.

As we approached the location I saw heads on spikes. Those heads belonged to the White Legs. While Follows-Chalk believed that the heads on spikes showed that the White Legs' souls were trapped there, he also told me that Joshua had them there as a warning. He trully was once a Legionarie.

When I arrived to the camp there were a bunch of tribals training and a cave. Follows-Chalk told me that inside that cave was Joshua Graham.

Inside the cave I was greeted by a woman who could barely speak english. I told her that if she was too dumb to speak english, she was too dumb to talk to me. She got angry, but didn't do anything. Pff.

I met Joshua Graham. Where he did not have clothes, he had bandages, except for his eyes. He sought help, which I did not intend to give, but helping him was the only way out for me, at least for now.

His first instructions were for me to find supplies to get around. I am going to do so, after resting here for a while.

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