Mar 3, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 7

Once I got to the Lucky 38's door Victor talked to me. He said I couldn't go with my robot, ED-E. Perhaps Mr. House is such a coward that he wouldn't let me have company, with fear that I will attack him.

I was astonished when I got to Mr. House. There was no man, but a computer talking to me. His face was on a giant screen. He asked me what did I make of New Vegas. I couldn't believe he would expect me not to react to my talking to a monitor and ask me a question like that. I asked him what the hell was he and he got offended. Then asked me the same question, but I didn't care about Vegas, a city of sin, gambling, drugs and alcohol. I asked him what did he want with me. He said that he wanted me to bring him the Platinum Chip, to recover it from Benny. I didn't know his plan and I can't trust a man in a monitor, so I refused. Then he told me to leave and see The Strip, The Strip he had built. To see what he could offer me. I spat on the ground just as I could be spitting on all his wealthiness and his city of sin. And I left.

Now to see to Benny.

When I got out of the Lucky 38 everybody was looking at me. Apparently I was the first one to enter the Lucky 38 and see Mr. House. Then I was approached by a NCR soldier who gave me a note from the NCR's ambassador of the Stip. I ripped the note as soon as I got it in my hands.

Once I got to Benny's casino I was asked to give my weapons. I had to or otherwise I couldn't go through and I wouldn't be able to get to Benny. I searched the casino for him and there he was, surrounded by bodyguards. I went over and when he saw he got speechless. He couldn't believe I was alive and got even worst when he realized I was the one guy everyone was talking about he got to meet Mr. House. The guy was dumb. When I asked for a reason not to kill him he said that everyone on the casino would turn on me, but then said I wasn't there for vegeance but for business and asked me to go somewhere more private. He was wrong. He asked me to go to the Presidential Suite - which he gave me - and to wait there.

But the motherfucker outsmarted me. He never intended to show up. Once I got in the suite he talked to me over the intercom and said he wouldn't go to the suite and would leave. I saw where it was going, I expected real soon some company. And I didn't have my weapons on me. I just said. "You're a dead man". I would get him. Four guys showed up, two with silenced guns and two with straight razors. They did a number on me and ED-E, but hell, did I get them. And I had to send a message.

Then I went to Benny's suite to search for him. There were two other Charimen there, who I killed. I searched his suite and he wasn't there. But then I found a securitron. Different from the others, it had a creepy cheery face. And he was totally stupid. Or badly programmed. He couldn't refuse any of my requests and had to answer to everything I asked. He told me Benny had escaped through his secret elevator. Then I asked some more questions. He told me Benny had reprogrammed him to monitor Mr. House's activities. He said that the Platinum Chip was going to be used by Mr. House to upgrade his defenses and that Benny wanted to use it and Yes Man, the creepy robot, to take over New Vegas, killing Mr. House and controlling his mainframe. Lastly he told me the only places the Platinum Chip could be activated were the Lucky 38 and a bunker at Fortification Hill. Probably that's where Benny went.

Down in the casino floor, they must've heard that I killed those Chairmen, since they started attacking when they saw me. Good, makes my message clearer. I decapitated the last of them with a swithblade I had taken from the Chairmen I killed first.

Once I exited the casino the Legionarie that took over Nipton came to talk with me. Honestly, I had to hide my enthusiasm. He gave me the Mark of Caesar, so I could go into Fortification Hill. He also told me that Benny had already fled the Strip and was making his way to Caesar's camp. I knew why. Then he told me to go to Fortification Hill via Cottonwood Cove. So I exited the Strip. I finally had The Legion's attention.

It's nightime so I am going to sleep in the Atomic Wrangler before I proceed to Cottonwood Cove. I had to claim a bounty anyway.

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