Feb 22, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 6

I talked to one of the owners of the Atomic Wrangler, the female one. She told that I could work as a debt collector for her. Sounded easy easy enough, I took it. The first woman was a petty liar, then there was an annoying prick who seemed that was trying to seduce me and finally an ugly, deformed ghoul, who was asking around for caps. When he asked me for some I punched him in the face. That scared him so much he pratically kissed me begging not to hurt him anymore.

I went back to the woman and after being paid she told me that her former guard had ran off to The Strip with many caps. Problem was, I couldn't get in. I had to find more jobs. I talked to the other owner and he asked me to gather him whores. If I did not need the money I would have killed him where he stood, asking me something like that. He wanted a cowboy ghoul, a smooth talker and a sexbot. What the fuck is wrong with these degenerates?!

I found a female ghoul cowboy in Freeside, strange as it would be, hired the scum that tried to seduce me as the smoove talker and went to an abandoned factory to get the sexbot, which tried to test his... "Skills"... On me, which I did refuse. Fuck.

I finished the job but was still 400 caps short to enter The Strip. I entered the Van Graffs Silver Rush, hoping they had some work available. They had work as a door guard. I didn't like nor the armor nor the weapons. But oh well.

The job went well and it got me 200 caps. She had more work, so I stuck around. I then had to deliver a package to a man she told me to meet. That got me the rest of the caps I needed. So I ignored their next job offer. I went straight to The Strip.

Victor greeted me. I had killed him... He told me Mr. House had "invited" me to go meet him. Before I went meet Benny. I didn't want to, but apparently he has an army of Securitron robots at his command.

Well, let's go meet this coward who won't even face me to give me his "invitation"... Mr. House.

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