Feb 10, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal #2

I entered the NCR Correctional Facility without any of the Powder Gangers knowing my true intentions. I asked who the boss was and where could I find him. Eddie was his name. Was. I went there and sent a spear through his head. Handled the rest of the scum with my machete, resulting in quite the blood fest. Might want to find some place to wash up...

During my stay at the Correctional Facility I found out that not all the Powder Gangers scum were holed up there. I learned that someone named Cooke led the rest of the scum North. Don't know where. For now I'll just head on to Primm.

Seems like news spread fast. On my way to Primm I ran into two Powder Gangers scum who were already trying to kill me for what I had done. Too bad for them.

At Primm's entrance an NCR soldier came running towards me. By instinct I grabbed my blade. He warned me that Primm wasn't safe. Scaredy cats, all of them. I'll take care of what ever is it that gets in my way. I found it disgusting to walk past the NCR camp mounted outside of Primm. Every inch of my being wanted to kill those weaklings, who do nothing for no one except themselves! But, had I take any action, the people of Primm might have gotten scared and that would have shut their mouths.

Apparently the town was overrun by escaped convicts and the NCR was too much of a bitch to take them on. I made my way to the Mojave Express building, where I used to get my jobs as a Courier. The building was empty except for a broken robot. I examined the thing and managed to get it working. Hopefully it will do me some good. Since the house was empty, I took the food from the plates. It was kind of disgusting, but I was famished.

I went to the town casino to see if it was there that all the town's people were holed up. Turns out it was. I talked to Johnson Nash, the owner of the Mojave Express, to see if he knew anything. He told me that I should talk to Deputy Beagle, the town's deputy. And where was that guy? Surprise surprise, prisioner of the convicts. So I went to the hotel where they were holed in. Guess I can say that eliminating those convicts is part of my Purity job, so I took them all on.

Damn convicts trashed my armor. I stole a leather armor from their leader, but I am not pleased. Maybe I can do some adjustments over the time, it will have to do... I found Beagle. Coward scum. I released him and he tried to run, so I beheaded him. Luckily he had a holotape that told me where to proceed.

I cleared the building of the scum. This robot, ED-E according to a license plate attached to him, came in pretty handy. I went and told Nash that Beagle was dead. Since the guy paid me, I thought it wouldn't hurt to tell him that. But the old man had to go and ask me to find a new sheriff... I reprogrammed his damned robot and ended that predicament.

And so I am off to Novac, via Nipton, as the holotape indicated.

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