Feb 19, 2013

Pursuit of Purity, Journal 5

I exited North Vegas and entered Freeside. I had the caps so there was no point in waiting to get to The Strip. But on the way I found a Katana for sale and I would like to have one, very much. I could already imagine Benny's head fall down to my brand new clean sword. For that I had to do some work that I would try to find near my position.

Entering the richest part of Freeside I had some choices. I could go look for work with The Kings, the Van Graffs or The Atomic Wrangler. I tried The Kings, since I didn't like any of them and their place was the closest. Son of a bitch guarding "The King" made me pay 50 caps just to see the guy.

I can't believe I'm saying this but... The King was actually a nice guy. Gave me back my 50 caps and heard me with no complaints. He told me to go check out a bodyguard for hire that he thaught was cheating people. Why the heck not. I wanted that blade.

I found out that the bodyguard was staging the whole scenery and I killed him and his partners. I reported to the King and he told me he had more jobs for me. Now I had to check on some friends of his that had been attacked when they arrived to town. When I came over and asked them questions they said that one of the people that attacked them called another one "lieutenent". I was hoping that it would turn out to be NCR, so I could kill some of those degenerates.

I was getting tired of walking around. Hoped the job paid well. I had to ask around for information about the NCR in Freeside.

I had to take a fucking NCR quiz to be able to get information. I wanted to burn my tongue and curse my intelligence for knowing all that. I was so mad I had to kill the bastard after I got the password to the NCR little house on Freeside. The NCR woman inside their store told me that they had sent an envoy before and they were almost beaten to death. I can't believe I would have to be on NCR's side...

The King's right hand came running to me when I got to their place, saying I shouldn't be telling the King what I had learned about the NCR being beaten. I took that chance to blackmail him and get some caps, although I was on his side. The more beatings to those degenerates the better.

When I was talking to the King one of the members came running and told us that the King's right hand was on a shootout against the NCR. That was interesting. I killed all the NCR's. It turned out better than I expected, this job.

I finished the work that the King had for me and he said I got one favor from him. I immediatly asked him for caps. He gave me one thousand. I was now good to buy the Katana, but had to make more money to get into The Strip.

I bought the Katana but was now 1000 caps short to make it to The Strip. At Mick and Ralph's, the place I bought the Katana, I started stealing things from their room without them noticeing and then sold them to them. They never noticed. I didn't sell some of the things, so that I wouldn't arouse suspicion. I went in the Atomic Wrangler, Freeside's casino to sell the stuff. They didn't want any of the shit I was carrying and I was getting desperate.

I got a room there and am going to sleep. I'll probably work for them, in the morning.

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