Feb 6, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal #1

I will reset this Journal from the point that I have been shot in the head. That's right, shot in the motherfucking head. Over a Platinum Chip I was supposed to deliver to the Strip... How I hate the Mojave. Once I get better the scum will pay, mark these words.

I was burried alive but dug out pretty by a robot, from what I gathered from Doctor Mitchel, the Goodspring's doctor, town that took me in. He patched me up, gave me a physical and psycological analysis. He had a machine that came up with the results of 7 for strength, 7 for percepcion, 6 for endurance, 3 for charisma, 8 for intelligence, 6 for agility and 3 for luck. As for the psycological analysis he said my strengths were Melee, Science and Sneak. He got that right. He went through all my stuff, I didn't appreciate that. I wanted to leave that darn town right quick. He told me to go talk to a Sunny Smiles. Maybe I'll get some caps to start travelling and go after those who killed me and, my ultimate goal, purifying the Mojave.

He gave me back my Tribal raiding armor, my Machete and my spears. At least he didn't steal all the stuff. Went back to my grave, where I got shot, right outside town, and a distinctive cigarette butt, that may help me to track down the guy in the checkered suit that shot me. Then I went and talked to that girl, like Mitchel told to. She wanted me to practice shooting, like I wasn't good enough, and then we went hunting for some geckos. I sliced through all of them, even saved a worthless settler lost from the town. Then the girl told me to go speak to Trudy, which I planned on doing, since she must had known something about my attackers. Inside that woman Trudy was having an argument with someone, who I learned to be Joe Cobb, member of the Powder Gangers, a gang of scum, drug addicts and reckless bandits. Said that area was their territory. Well that just makes my job of purifying the Mojave a bit harder. Nothing I can't handle though.

Trudy told me to head east, to Primm, to continue tracking the guys that attacked me. Before leaving town, a guy named Easy Pete warned me about some guys who called themselves The Legion, slavers. Said they were being lead by Caesar. Now, if I got my History right, they must be trying to replicate the Roman Empire. I don't know much about them yet, but if they are doing a good job on building that Empire, that is the best hope for purifying the Mojave.

On the way out from Goodsprings I found Joe Cobb. Easy fight. Easy kill. On the way to Primm som guy asked me for help. Normally I would just walk, but he offered caps. I needed caps. So I went up a hill he pointed me, telling me some girl was trapped on the top by some geckos. I killed the geckos, easy enough, got to the top: nothing. I figured it out right quick, I had been scammed. The guy wanted to kill me for the loot. The bastard didn't even see me coming as I sliced his head off. I passed through some Powder Gangers  which I decided to ignore. I ended up near the facility they had settled in, the Correctional Facility. Fascinating how the NCR can be so incompetent as to let all the scum get free and take over their facility. I spit at the thought of NCR.

Slept in a camp near the Facility, so I could attack in the mourning. I'm going to infiltrate in and kill them from the inside. Easier that way.

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