Feb 16, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 4

I talked again with the woman that rent me a room at the motel, to see if she knew about the man in the checkered coat. She told, among lots of other things that almost put me back to sleep, that I should talk to Manny, who was the day time sniper. I thought it would be best to break into his room, since he wouldn't be going there anytime during the day. In his personal computer he had a note from a Khan. Turns out my "friend"'s name is Benny and they were going to Boulder City. So that's where I was headed.

By the road I saw HELIOS One. I decided to scout it a little bit, as it was NCR territory. I wondered what The Legion would say if I took it... Their flag waving to the wind made me sick. While scouting I found a shack with a computer in, but even I couldn't decypher it. The NCR soldiers weren't many and they looked slacky, but still I decided to do it another time. Perhaps when Caesar has his attentions turned upon me.

I arived at Boulder City. I walked all night and was hoping that the town had a place for me to rest. At the entrance of town there was a NCR soldier. He was staring at this stone, which served as a mark of the dead NCR soldiers from the battle of the Dam. He said that his older brother was in the stone, because he died in a NCR ambush against The Legion. I smiled and then hit the stone with my sledgehammer, leaving a big crack on it. The soldier started to attack me and retreated to a nearby bar, which was empty, only had the bartender. I squashed them both.

I advanced into town and a NCR soldier said that there was a situation with the Great Khans, that they had NCR hostages and I told him I would negotiate with the Great Khans. I went in their hideout and recognized the face of the Great Khan that talked to me. He was talking to Benny before he shot me. Needless to say he got surprised when he saw me. He then told me that Benny took the Platinum Chip and went to New Vegas. After he told me all that I he knew I killed him and his firends. Teach them to mess with me. I even wore his bandana after I killed him. Another proof of NCR cowardiss, as I slaughtered the Khans they showed no signs of help, like they said they would. I can't wait until I put my hands on them.

As I got off Boulder City I met Victor again. I was tired of him, he was definetly following me. So I destroyed him. It was morning already, I didn't sleep all night. And to top that, as I chased Victor I found myself in Boulder Beach, which was full of Lakelurks. I destroyed the blasted beasts, but it wasn't easy. Because of Victor I lost track of the road that I was supposed to take, making me wander around the deserted areas. Darned robot, even destroyed he's annoying. I found an abandoned camp site and decided to sleep in it. Even though the sun was bright in the sky, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.

I had finally found the road again. I still had a pretty long walk to go.

I now arrived to North Vegas. The poverty and drug addiction level are over the charts. I'll just find somewhere to sleep now. I can't wait to get to Benny.

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