Feb 11, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 3

On my way out to Primm and to Nipton I was ambushed by some remaining Powder Gangers. They didn't stand a chance. Less of these scum to deal with. It was night already, so when I finished those Powder Gangers I stormed a Police station that was being used by some bandits as shelter. Ironic. I slept in a prison cell, huh. Woke up shortly after and continued to head to Nipton. I saw on the horizon the statue of the Mojave Outpost. Spat on the ground, disgusting NCR cowards. Cleared some more bandits at Nipton Road Pit Stop... I guess it is part of my pursuit for purity, cleansing all these... Degenerates.

When I set sight on Nipton it was completely destroyed. Smoke everywhere, big fires comming out of piles of tires... I had to check out what it was that hit town. More bandits? I didn't think so. A Powder Ganger aproached me as I entered town, jumping around for what seemed no reason. He ended up telling me that he had won the "Lottery". Didn't tell me what Lottery though. Being a Powder Ganger, I had to kill him.

I headed into town's general store before heading to the Mayor's Hall to seek answers. The only one inside the store was a crippled Powder Ganger. I enquired him as to what happened and he said "The Legion" happened. That had been the group that I heard talk the other day... He told me that the decapitated, burnt, crucified and enslaved the town's population, in exceptance to the Powder Ganger I killed and the one I was talking to, who had won second place and for that his legs were smashed with hammers. I had to know why they did it. If it was for what I was thinking...

I killed the Powder Ganger and headed to Town's hall, to see if The Legion was still there. They were, for my appease. The man who spoke to me said that I should spread the word as to what The Legion had done to Nipton, a town of weaklings, cowards, corruption... A "town of whores", by his words. I told him I admired the purity of The Legion's justice and he told me not to forget what he had asked of me. Oh and I didn't... I knew just the place to spread the word of The Legion's justice... The Mojave Outpost.

I went with thoughts of killing, but the sergeant was so terryfied when I told him about The Legion's attack that I just rejoiced in his fear.

I went back to Nipton, to head to Novac. I was getting kind of tired. Past Nipton, on a valley that led to Novac, I was ambushed by a gang of bandits. ED-E took care of them from distance and those who got close got smashed by my sledgehammer. Leaving that valley I found four Legionaries preparing an ambush. I joined them, quitely, as they are not yet familiarized with me and I do not wish to press my luck. They saw two groups of merchants and ran towards them. I joined in. Probably they were NCR suppliers. And even ahead there was another Legionaries group, well position for an ambush. It was night already. I stayed with them, to see where the situation was going. Turns out they were just patroling the area because there was a camp set nearby. I found out later that they were stationed there because of a Ranger outpost that was next to the road to Novac. Since they were just patrolling, I moved on.

Finally arrived to Novac. It's still night, I might rent a room. Damned Victor is here in Novac... I don't like that. I can't shake the feeling that he is following me.

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