Mar 27, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 12

As I said before, I was forced to help the Burned Man. I had to find a compass, medical supplies and walkie-talkies, throughout the Zion. Follows-Chalk would help.

The compass was inside a crashed bus full of dead children's bones. And was broken, but I could repair it. After that I looked for shelter at the peak of a small mountain nearby the bus, as it was getting dark.

When I got out of the shelter tears starting to fall down the sky... I had never seen such a thing. It was rather unpleseant, it got me all soaked without me wanting to. I had my first run in with Yao Guais, though they were just cubs. They did not present a challenge, I hoped the mature form of the beasts were tougher.

I got to the fishing lodge and, after fighting a huge green gecko that puked a weird goo into Follows-Chalk, I found the walkie-talkies. As we made our way to our next destination we were attacked by the White Legs. They were tougher than what I would expect, given that I killed the ones that ambushed me on my arrival rather easily.

The medical kit I had found was contaminated. Thank goodness for the Burned Man that I am quite the knowledgeble man. I was able to sterilize the contaminated supplies with some nearby vodka. After that Follows-Chalk reminded me that the Burned Man also wanted lunchboxes, though I didn't recall why.

As we exited the station where we found the medical kit a Yao Guai attacked us. As I expected, wasn't so tough. I suffered no direct hits, he focused his attacks on Follows-Chalk. The building in which the lunchboxes were was right next to the station where the medical kit was. I killed the giant mantises inside the general store and gathered all the lunchboxes I found. Finally I had everything and had to go deliver it to the Surrows' tribe leader, Daniel.

When I aproached the camp a woman rushed towards me. She was basicaly just a greeter. I got to Daniel and gave him the supplies. The damned degenerate still wanted more help from me before giving me the blasted map. I told once, as a warning, that I wanted the map. He lectured me about respect. But then I told him again I wanted the map and he wanted to fight. So he is dead now. Follows-Chalk wanted no part in it.

I got the map from a clay pot near Daniel's bed. Then I left the camp, stealthly. But either the Burned Man had ears everywhere in Zion or Follows-Chalk was very fast, because when I was about to leave the Srrows' camp, the Burned Man himself appeared before me, with a vengeance. We had a fierce fight but I had ended up winning. I took his weapon and armor, as a trophy for a great kill.

I walked through Zion during the night, because I was greatly outnumber between the White Legs and now the Dead Horses and the Sorrows. I had to leave quickly. I used the river for most of the path. I was still attacked by White Legs and Dead Horses on the way though. I made it to the place I had arrived at in Zion and, with the help of the map, I was able to find my way back to the road I had travelled. From there it was easy to get back to the Mojave.

Weeks have passed and I now rest in the cavern where I left the Mojave. I will recover ED-E and then return to Caesar.

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