Apr 7, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 13

I went south, back to the Lucky 38, to get ED-E, before I made my way to The Fort to report to Vulpes and Caesar. I was several weeks late. It was really a long way I had in ahead.

Not long after I exited the New Vegas area the NCR hit squad that had threatened me came through. It was not easy to slice those profligates, but it was fun. I even sent a message.

In the middle of the way we passed by a gang's encampment. As any other stupid and unintelligent gang, they decided to attack me. Their last mistake.

When I arrived at Cottonwood Cove I spoke to Centurion Aurelius of Phoenix. I had 32 NCR dog tags to give him. He said it was a good hunting. I could do better though. Then I spoke to Cursor Lucullus and he took me through the river to the Fort.

It was nightime when I arrived. I took rest in one of the Fort's tents and, in the morning, I went in Caesar's tent. There I talked to Vulpes and told him that the woman he wanted me to protect was giving information to the NCR. He told that he knew and that NCR's Captain Curtis was infiltrated, providing the Legion with information. Brilliant.

Then I spoke to Caesar. He told me of a tribe up northeast called the Boomers, who had heavy artillary that could be put to good use against the NCR, at the battle of the Dam. He wanted me to offer them a treaty, their future freadom for their help against the NCR. If they didn't comply, I was to kill them all.

Reports made, I had to leave The Fort for more missions. I would first head to the NCR's Camp McCarran to speak with Curtis about aiding in his mission.

On my way to Camp McCarran I was attacked by yet another NCR hit squad. Of course, after I killed them, I sent another message. I took one of their armors, because I might had needed to go undercover.

I arrived at the Camp's entrance and put on the ranger outfit I had found, covering my face with a hat and a pair of glasses. I felt felt unconfortable walking around a place filled with NCR cowards, while wearing a piece of their clothing.

I found Curtis and filled him in. Then he filled me in. He told me Hsu, the NCR Colonel, already knew about some leaks, but had ordered Curtis to found out who it was. Then he told me that a monorail connected Camp McCarran to the Strip with much safety and that he planned on blowing the train. Of course, I asked how could I help. He wanted me to plant the bomb and to plant evidence to show that someone inside had done it. Curtis had all planned, it would be easy. He told me to talk to Colonel Hsu and offer aid.

I asked Hsu what problems were troubling the Camp and he listed various things. Finally he talked about the leaked information and I offered to aid in the matter. After he accepted, I carried on with Curtis' plan. I found a garbage can where Curtis had placed the bomb materials, picked them and headed into the train. The guarding soldiers let me pass because of my vests. I went inside the monorail and planted the bomb. The monorail immediatly left and blew up moments after. After I walked out of the monorail site the troopers didn't even question me. Pff, pathetic.

Then I was to plant evidence and kill the soldier that I was to incriminate. I found his footlocker and placed the plans and bomb ingredients there. When I went and talk to him I found out he wasn't very bright. I told him I liked pranks like he did and then said I was about to prank someone. After his excited response, I pulled his grenade pin without him noticing and said I just pulled someone's grenade pin, walking back. He didn't figure it out, wanting to "see the look on the man's face". Those were his last words.

I reported to Hsu and told him Crenshaw did it, his last words being "frumentari". That convinced him. Then I went back to Curtis and told him the plan was a success. After that it was time for me to leave that damned place.

When I left, I gladly took off that dead ranger's armor and put back the Burned Man's vests. I felt good in them.


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