Apr 30, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 17

Degenerates. Scum. Profligates. Filth. Purity. Need Purity. Kill... All of them. All of them.

After the surgery I felt so... Good. If these degenerates were to do the same thing to the profligates... I killed them. Everyone inside that clinic, I killed.

Order. Organization. How everything should be. Purity. Everything knows it's place. A message, sent this message. Arms in one place, legs in another, bodies in other, heads in another. Pile 'em up, pile 'em up.

Surgical tools. Yes, Caesar. Need to operate on him heh heh heh. Found the surgical tools, went back to The Legion. Travelled through the night, saw the sun rising. Best to avoid NCR. I'll kill them, kill them all. But they are tough. Everyone on their side. Be cautious.

Arrived at Cottonwood Cove. Showed conquers to Aurelius. NCR doesn't stand a chance. Asked Lucullus to take me to Caesar. The crossing was so long. Want to be in charge. Have to be in charge. Purity. The Legion, best way to Purity. Yes. All the filth. The Legion can vanquish the filth. Have to be in charge.

Went in Caesar's tent. Heart... Beating fast. Faster and faster and faster. Lucius, the sencond in command tells me Caesar is in a coma. Surgery, have to do surgery. Lucius is in charge now, until Caesar gets better. Have to do surgery. Asked what happens if Caesar dies. Legate Lanius. Lucius tells me he is strong, strong warrior. He'd take the place. The place I need. Have to be in charge. Have to purify. Can Lanius purify? Have to be in charge. Take my chance.

There he stood. Had to do surgery. So easy. Can't resist. Have to be in charge. Have to take my chance. Purity. I ask everyone to leave the room. Surgery begins. The Mighty Caesar. My hands. His death, I made it look like an accident. Lucius wanted to hurt me, kill me. Explained the cranial bleeding was too much. Mighty Caesar is no more. Heh... Heh heh... Hahahahah! Mighty Caesar, no more! HAHAHAHAHA!

Lucius apologized. Still wanted to be with The Legion, so did not kill him. He gave me a mission, to kill NCR's President Kimball during a speech he'd give at the Dam. The Dam. NCR. Kill them. If not all, their leader. That will frighten them , weaken them, make them fragile. Then kill them all. Accepted the mission. Had to meet another Legionarie near the Dam. He'd tell me the plan. Yes. Kill all the profligates.

Legionaries are talking about Legate Lanius. He stands a mighty warrior. Undefeated, they said. But... Have to be in charge...

Back into Cottonwood Cove. Slept through the bark trip. Went north to the location given. Found NCR Camp. Slaughter, slaughter them all.

Met the contact. Cato Hostilius. Help. Yes, he'll help. We'll kill the leader, watch them fall. Fall from their false throne made of cowardisse.

We rest now. By morning we kill. Slaughter, slaughter them all.

Degenerates. Scum. Profligates. Filth. Purity. Need Purity. Kill... All of them. All of them.

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