Apr 18, 2013

The Pursuit for Purity, Journal 15

I exitead the Fort with Cursor Lucullus. After arriving at Cottonwood Couve. I headed north to The Strip. Suprisingly enought I did the trip without any comotion.

On my way, while I passed by the monoraile tracks, I found the cart bellow on the ground. It was very satisfying.

I arrived at the Strip and then at the White Glove's casino, Ultra Luxe. I was stripped off of my weapons by a man in a suit and a mask which covered his face and distorted his voice. I soon found out that all White Gloves wore those masks. Interesting.

I procured their leadership throughout the casino. There were two leaders, a man named Mortimer and a woman named Marjorie. I should first talk to the woman and so I did. She considered Caesar's Legion savages and wasn't interested on an alliance. Mortimer, on the other hand, was a smarter man. But not smart enough. He supported an alliance but didn't want to confront the woman further. When I asked what could I do he said I did not have the stomach for it. I wouldn't accept that. Not the denial nor the insult. I killed all White Gloves I could find. First I killed Mortimer and the weapons guard with a dress cane. Then I could access my weapons. I Liberated them all. Then I decided to also Liberate all that were dining at their restaurant. And all the rest of the casino. No one inside was left living. May that have been a lesson.

Before leaving Freeside I passed by a profligate's store to repair the Burned Man's armor. It was started to weaken.

On my way south I was hit by another NCR "assassin" squad. They were getting tougher, I give them that.

I arrived at Cottonwood Cove and stopped by the Centurion to give him NCR dogtags. I didn't cease to impress. Then I went to the barge and crossed the river to The Fort. It was nightime when I arrived, but I decided to report to Caesar.

He told me he wanted my report. I honestly didn't want to face the wrath of Caesar and I feared that saying straight on that I had killed all the White Gloves would engage it. So I changed the theme to his headaches on our last encounter. It didn't work though and Caesar was not pleased to know that I had killed a valuable ally. He warned me about my behavior for my next assignment. The assignment was to destroy the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. While he was briefing me he zoned out. It was an absence seizure. I told him that and asked him if it was the first time. He said there had been a couple and I told him I was concerned about him having a serious neurological condition. He didn't want to talk more about it though. He told me to destroy the Brotherhood's bunker and then went to bed.

I will proceed in the morning. Fortunatly the next assignment requires me to kill everyone, so I can't screw up.

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