Apr 26, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 16

As I got around The Fort, on my way out, I noticed a change. Legionaries were starting to like me. I was a Legion's... Amicus. Friend. Good. That way I'll be more likely to be of influence in the Legion's path, aiding my quest for Purity of the Wasteland's degenerate waste.

I passed the river back to the Western side of the Colorado and made my way to the Hidden Valley, the location appointed by Caesar. I decided to take the route through Nipton and Primm. As I passed near the Camp Searchlight the air got green and I killed more of those glowing NCR ghouls. And afterwards another NCR Ranger squad came after me, so I blew them up with my grenade launcher that I had acquired from the Boomers.

I passed by Nipton and the signs of The Legion's lesson were still there. Smoke, heads on spikes, banners. Nipton was a lesson to all those impure around the Mojave. I slept on the Nipton roadstop and awaited to continue my journey to the Hidden Valley.

I made my way up to Primm, killing off usual gang degenerate scum. After that I decided to pass by the NCR Crrectional Facility, since the rotting corpses of the Powder Gangers had some pieces of armor that interested me, since I could use some of it to repair the Burned Man's armor. There there was a sole survivor that I remembered that didn't pose a threat at the time. But when he said hello I... I had to kill him. The... degenerates... May have... Corrupted him... Hehe... Less degenerates, ahahahah! I was so filled with joy that I have to write my own laughter.

I discovered the Hidden Valley and entered one of the bunkers hidden in the dunes, the one Caesar said his Legionaries had seen patrols coming out off.

I entered and then I was approached by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. Big armor, energy weapons... Cowards, all of them. They took me to their leader, which showed much concern about his peple's safety. He wanted me to get rid of a NCR Ranger who was on one of the bunkers of the Valley. Normally I wouldn't have problems killing a NCR, but doing it for someone, like a dog... He wouldn't let me say no, though. They placed an explosive collar on me. If I exited the valley, my head would pop off. So I had to go and kill the Ranger.

I searched for the bunkers all night and couldn't find anything because of a weird sandstorm. At sunrise I found the bunker and the Ranger immediatly recognized me as the greatest NCR foe. Before he could reach his weapon I unsheathed my katana and cut off his head, throwing it in his own campfire. After that I returned to the Brotherhood bunker. He was very preocupied about my way of dealing with the Ranger, because he could be missed by other NCRs. I didn't care though and I made clear that I didn't care. He still thought I'd help. He removed my collar and asked me to meet him at his office. I didn't.

I knew bunkers like that. It had to have a self-destruct terminal. I looked for the terminal all around the bunker and found it on one of it's far ends. Even though people were watching I hacked through the passwords to make it of use. I may be a good warrior, but I am not stupid. They would be buried. I pressed the button and ran. They all realized what happened when the sirens sounded and started shooting at me. I took some laser shots, but nothing too bad.

I went back to Cottonwood Cove to ride the bark to The Fort, surprisingly with no threats posed. I rode the bark as usual, with Cursur Lucullus and arrived the Fort, hours later. Then it was time to report to Caesar. He was pleased to know I had destroyed not only the Brotherhood but also their home, their equipment, their plans. Then he asked me to join him in his tent for a private conversation. That was rather unusual.

He wanted to talk about his disease. Hum. He asked me what was my diagnostic. I told him what I had known for long, a tumor in the brain. He immediatly promoted me to Caesar's personal physician. Then asked me if I had what I needed to perform surgery. I told him I could, only needed the tools. He told me to go get them, so I knew I had to go to the New Vegas Clinic, so up North.

I went back to Cottonwood Cove and slept there until dawn. I was growing sick of my journeys North and South. But... I had to do it. For the best hope for Purity.

On my way up North I ran into a NCR soldier wearing Brotherhood armor. I had never seen it before. I killed him - not too easily - and retrieved his weapon. A melee beauty, the Super Sledge. I would hold on to it dearly.

I got to the Clinic and before I got the tools for Caesar I remembered what Doctor Usanagi had said about her creations, the implants. She could make my skin harder, that way I'd be harder to injure.

I am now preparing for surgery. A surgery of my own, I mean.

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