Apr 10, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 14

I made my way to that Boomers tribe place. Night fell as I walked through the desert, exiting the whole New Vegas area to the North. When I was getting to the place, a man was in the way. When I got near he stopped me, saying I'd get blown up by the Boomers if I just walked in on their terrotry like that. Then he said he had information that he could sell to me. I wasn't interested. I didn't like people who tried to make money out of such things, so I killed him. I searched him and it seemed that such information wasn't touchable. Well, I kept moving anyway.

As I walked I heard a noise. I recognized the noize. It was a howitzer being fired. I ran to cover straight away and still got badly hurt by the first blast. I waited in cover, healing myself, as the shots fell. They had to reload eventually. When they did, I ran into another ruined building that seemed safe. Another round of hell rain came and I waited. When they had to reload again I was already near enough their fence to prevent them from shooting. There I was approached by a man who was surprised to see I had survived. He told me to wait until a woman come along to deal with me. That woman presented herself and said their leader, an old woman, wished to see me. I would make her not wish that.

When I got there she said that there was something special about me and that the howitzer attack was the proof of that. Proof or no proof, no one attacks me, injures me and then walks away. No one. Not even Caesar's will prevented me to struck the old woman's throat with the Liberator as soon as she stopped talking. I waited in her house for a while longer, in order for the other Boomers to think that everything was ok. I also took the old woman's grenade launcher, in case I had to deal with some of these savages at a distance.

Somehow, they still knew that They had been attacked by me. Maybe I waited too long. So I had to kill rhose who had attacked me. Before I killed one I asked if there were another leaders. Without the leaders they'd be devastated enough to leave us alone. They pointed me to some barracks. While searching those barracks I found a piece that belonged to an howitzer. Coincidently, it was the piece missing for the howitzer in The Fort, that I had analyzed the first time I went there. So I took it. Seemed like the trip wasn't a waste after all.

I eventually found the old man's barrack and slashed him, adding another kill to my name. After that it was time to leave.

On my way out I had to destroy a guard robot and kill the entrance guard, who greeted me with a missile launcher pointed at my face. It was a fun kill. And after him I had the rest of the Wasteland waiting for me, as I headed to Cottonwood Cove, for Lucullus to take me to The Fort.

I followed the Lake Mead's shore until Camp Forlorn Hope and from there headed straight South to Cottonwood Cove.

When I reached the place I remembered that Decanus Severus was looking for someone who'd teach the Legionaries of the area to disarm and avoid landmines. I had the knowledge by then, so I taught them.

That time around Cursor Lucullus was not there to take me to The Fort. But I already knew the away, so I sailed the barge myself.

I arrived at The Fort and went straight to the howitzer gun. I replaced the firing mechanism easily enough and then went in Caesar's tent to tell him the news. As opposite to what I thought he'd say, after I only said that I had to wipe out the Boomers he said that it was a perfectly satisfatory way to deal with their threat. He quickly gave me my next assignment. Caesar wanted an alliance forged between the Legion and the White Glove Society, at the Strip. As he was briefing me about their former cannibalism he had an... Inconvenience. A massive headache that made him get up from his throne in pain. I was able to come up with a quick diagnose. I asked if he had ever experienced such sudden headaches. He calmly said that never that bad before, but then remembered his position of power and stood up, angry, scream at me to leave him alone and to come back later.

So I have to go to The Strip and forge an alliance with former cannibals White Glove Society. For now I'll sleep here on one of The Fort's tents. I'll head out in the morning.

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