Mar 20, 2013

The Pursuit of Purity, Journal 10

I made my way back to Nelson, NCR blood warming my face, with a smile. Dead Sea, the Nelson commander, said it was a great achievment that I have made. He gave me his blade, Liberator, for me to carry with honor. I gladly accepted.

After leading solelly Nelson to victory over Forlorn Hope I continued to head North, to The Strip, to do Vulpes' and Caesar's bidding. And meanwhile, I was desperatly looking for someone to heal my radiation sickness. On the way, the NCR Ranger squad appeared again, to remind me I had two more days. I was almost seeing double from all the dizzyness, so I still didn't reply to the challenge.

It's always the same road I end up taking when going to The Strip. The Mojave was starting to feel a dull place for me, always the same. Thankfully I am on good ways to join The Legion and maybe that'll change. Heading on that road, though, I remembered there was a medical clinic near the Freeside gate. I took a deep breath and my way to it.

The Doctor there, Usanagi, starting making an advertising campaign even before I could start talking. She said that she had some expensive surgeries that could increase some of my abilities. But first things first, I asked her to heal my radiation. The feel of the RadAway going through my veins never felt so good. While the medicine took effect I asked her about the implants. She said one of them was a sub-dermal implant that would make me more resistant to damage and the other one was a cell-regenaration booster, that would make my wounds heal quicker. But they were pricy. 8000 caps each. She also had strength, intelligence, agility, etc booster implants, but I didn't want any of those.

I entered Freeside and headed staright into The Strip's gate. First I went into the Vault 21 hotel to look for Vulpes' informant, Martina Groesbeck. When I found her room, she was surrounded by Omertas, who asked me to back off. I caused quite a mess. Then I talked with the woman and she was a spy for the NCR. I didn't kill her where she stood because I got confused about Vulpes' motives to protect her. Matters I will clear when I get back to The Fort.

Then I went to the Lucky 38. Mr. House would be no more. But he was prepared. All his robots started to attack me as soon as I went into the casino. I dispached the two on the casino floor and then threw around some pulse grenades I had found in the penthouse floor. Then I inserted the Platinum Chip into Mr. House's terminal, which opened an antechamber to an elevator. The elevator took me to his control room.

There he laid, in a capsule, a corrupted and shrunk body, which could well be a corpse. I unlocked the chamber from the outside and he came out. He asked me why did I do it. All his... "good"... Undone. I simply told him "By Caesar's command, you will die." He weeped as he thought about the idea of slavery for the future of mankind. As he wished a special hell for me, I trespassed his throat with my katana.

Going back up to the penthouse it felt empty, as all robots and the giant screen were deactivated. I exited the casino and walked out of The Strip, never trusting those darned Securitrons.

As I exited, I picked up a radio signal about Utah, going in there for a job. It sounded pretty unique and I saw it as ways to scout for territory that could be suitable for The Legion. So I am resting now at Freeside and in the morning I will go to the Northern Passage, not far, to see about this... Job.

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